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Why I teach? 

Teaching isn’t just something I do on the side. It’s my passion

I’m lucky to say that I have had some fantastic teachers and mentors that helped me get to where I am. I have experienced first hand the benefit of having an amazing music education and how it transformed my life for the better.

Through almost a decade of teaching music, I specialize in teaching students between the age of 5 to 17. I firmly believe that music education tremendously aids children's development. There are countless studies done on the benefit of playing a musical instrument and how it helps your brain more than any other activity. Playing a musical instrument is the only activity where people use both their right side and the left side of their brain. Because of this, I believe that every child should have access to learning a musical instrument.

Besides all the scientific talk, I absolutely love introducing students to the world of music. I’ve seen the positive effect it had on their lives, everything from playing in a sports team and even non-music related schoolwork.

I’m proud to say that my students have been accepted into LaGuardia High School of Music and Performing Arts and achieved outstanding their various levels of NYSSMA and ABRSM exams. There is no better reward than watching my students grow through music.

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